These little bottles full of magic have become an incredibly amazing tool in my home in the recent months! I’d love to share more about them with you! I’m posting tons over on @deepmagicessentials on Instagram, and my Facebook page as well!


Have you wanted to get these oils into your hands and onto your family? (And let’s be honest, before a week is out you’ll be slathering anyone that holds still long enough.) I would love to have you on my team of women committed to making healthier choices, and becoming research nerds right along with me.


You can join as a wholesale customer, and always get 25% off your orders! You also have options to earn points back on every order as well as get all your shipping back! If you want the opportunity to get your oils covered and even earn extra money (or replace an income if you’re driven!), then you can join me as a Wellness Advocate and spread the oily love!


Here’s how ya do it! 

  1. Click here (I recommend you right click and open in a new tab so you can come back to this page for the rest of the instructions)
  2. Click the “Join and Save” option from the menu.
  3. Select “Wholesale Customer” to receive 25% off, or “Wellness Advocate” if you’re wanting to build a business. You can ALWAYS change from Wholesale Customer to Wellness Advocate later on if you want! In case no “sponsor” number comes up when you join, make sure to enter my number, 3966626, so you’ll be added to the Deep Magic Team!
  4. Choose your enrollment kit and add any additional items to your cart – you’ll now be getting 25% off anything you buy, plus starting with a kit waives the $35 membership fee!
  5. Finish by adding your shipping and payment information. You’ll have a box of goodness headed your way soon, and I’ll be in touch after you enroll!


Here’s what ya get when you enroll with the Deep Magic Team! 

  • Your kit! And 25% off every order!
  • Access to the Deep Magic Team Facebook group – we post loads of info, and you can chat with others committed to improving their health and nerding out on oils.
  • A new member Wellness Consult with me! If you don’t live near me, don’t worry! We can chat over email or Skype/Facetime! We go over your wellness goals and how doTERRA can help you achieve them, as well as what “layers” of health need to be added into your life!
  • Some exclusive goodies from me to you…you like surprises, right? ;)






*If you need a budget solution, I have one mapped out here for ya!

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