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The Balanced Blonde

Loving this new-to-me yoga and lifestyle blog…as the title implies, she takes a very balanced view on life, being healthy, and realizes that sometimes you just have to live a little!


This is a new obsession of mine, but one that is (hopefully) helping me become more organized with planning blog content, organizing contacts, etc. I even made a board for essential oils to sort all my “recipes”!

Up & Vanished Podcast

This one Luke and I listened to until he got impatient and read some spoilers. Then I binged it by myself lol! I grew up watching true crime (aka America’s Most Wanted, and Bad Boys) with my nana, and this brought me right back. Suspenseful and really well done! (I did skip the “case evidence” episodes just FYI.)

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I’m so thrilled it’s finally starting to get warmer here, although the weather does keep randomly going cold and windy. BUT sunnies are my favorite summer accessory, and I’m especially in love with mirrored ones! Ray-Ban has been my favorite brand for a while, but I just discovered Quay Australia. I’m obsessed with Australia and it’s definitely on my bucket list! The Quay sunnies have that Aussie cool-girl vibe, the Ray-Bans have the SoCal cool-girl vibe…win win! I actually own the bottom pair of Ray-Bans, and I’m currently stalking some Quay glasses on Poshmark and their site!

Do you have a favorite pair of sunnies? Or a summer accessory you love even more? Do share!


Ray-Ban Wayfarer
Quay Australia My Girl
Quay Australia Jetlag
Ray-Ban Aviator

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I recently came across this gorgeous jewelry from Handcrafted Gems Shop in a Facebook group I’m in, and I knew I needed to share it with you guys! Olivia makes the most amazing pieces, and I instantly fell in love because every single piece reminds me of the ocean. Here are a few of my favorites!


Turquoise Beaded Gem Bracelet
Peruvian Opal Gem Ring
Blue Apatite Gem Ring
Men’s Beaded Lava Bracelet
Moonstone Crystal Ring

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Sigur Ros is my current music obsession. It’s funky and weird and they even made up their own language. But it’s also uplifting and soaring and I’m also not quite sure how to describe it? They did the music for How to Train Your Dragon 2 if that gives you a clue. (Also yes, I like kids’ movies.) This is actually my favorite music to do yoga to at the moment!

Let me know if you share my all-over-the-place music tastes, and what your favorite artists are lately!

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I’ve had blonde hair for years now, and recently I got the urge to change it up. I didn’t want to make it a “basic” color again, I actually love it blonde, I just wanted a temporary change that would turn blonde over time…so I dyed it pink! I loved it, Luke maybe not so much lol. But I adore the cotton candy happy sparkly unicorn hair going around right now! Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds!

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One of my favorite ways to uplift myself, right from the time I wake up, is to start with a little morning yoga. You don’t even have to leave your bed! Yoga By Candace is one of my favorite new YouTube discoveries – her videos are easy to follow, and she also has one of the best yoga books I’ve seen called Namaslay (affiliate link), which has these amazing images of each pose with cues for alignment and teaching the poses.

Enjoy this quick routine to wake up and get your day going…and share your favorite yoga YouTube channels with me in the comments!


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