Boost Your Creativity Guide by Cocorrina

I’ve been a bit of a dry spell, creatively, so I’ve been hunting down articles with all the ideas I can gather. This one has some great tips for busting through the wall!

I also have a post I wrote myself about going through a dry spell! Radio App

I have been loving this slightly relaxed form of audio. It feels like a podcast but not as committed if that makes sense? I’m contemplating taking my “creativity and motherhood” series there as well for some real talk. Would anyone be interested in that?


Making Art Reduces Stress

Yes, even if you’re terrible at it! Fascinating article!


The Struggling Artist

Such a great article and inspiration from my bff Hannah. Alllll the praise hands.


What are some links, sites, companies, or people you’re loving these days? Do share! 

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link roundup

The Balanced Blonde

Loving this new-to-me yoga and lifestyle blog…as the title implies, she takes a very balanced view on life, being healthy, and realizes that sometimes you just have to live a little!


This is a new obsession of mine, but one that is (hopefully) helping me become more organized with planning blog content, organizing contacts, etc. I even made a board for essential oils to sort all my “recipes”!

Up & Vanished Podcast

This one Luke and I listened to until he got impatient and read some spoilers. Then I binged it by myself lol! I grew up watching true crime (aka America’s Most Wanted, and Bad Boys) with my nana, and this brought me right back. Suspenseful and really well done! (I did skip the “case evidence” episodes just FYI.)

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I’m so thrilled it’s finally starting to get warmer here, although the weather does keep randomly going cold and windy. BUT sunnies are my favorite summer accessory, and I’m especially in love with mirrored ones! Ray-Ban has been my favorite brand for a while, but I just discovered Quay Australia. I’m obsessed with Australia and it’s definitely on my bucket list! The Quay sunnies have that Aussie cool-girl vibe, the Ray-Bans have the SoCal cool-girl vibe…win win! I actually own the bottom pair of Ray-Bans, and I’m currently stalking some Quay glasses on Poshmark and their site!

Do you have a favorite pair of sunnies? Or a summer accessory you love even more? Do share!


Ray-Ban Wayfarer
Quay Australia My Girl
Quay Australia Jetlag
Ray-Ban Aviator

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I recently came across this gorgeous jewelry from Handcrafted Gems Shop in a Facebook group I’m in, and I knew I needed to share it with you guys! Olivia makes the most amazing pieces, and I instantly fell in love because every single piece reminds me of the ocean. Here are a few of my favorites!


Turquoise Beaded Gem Bracelet
Peruvian Opal Gem Ring
Blue Apatite Gem Ring
Men’s Beaded Lava Bracelet
Moonstone Crystal Ring

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Sigur Ros is my current music obsession. It’s funky and weird and they even made up their own language. But it’s also uplifting and soaring and I’m also not quite sure how to describe it? They did the music for How to Train Your Dragon 2 if that gives you a clue. (Also yes, I like kids’ movies.) This is actually my favorite music to do yoga to at the moment!

Let me know if you share my all-over-the-place music tastes, and what your favorite artists are lately!

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I’ve had blonde hair for years now, and recently I got the urge to change it up. I didn’t want to make it a “basic” color again, I actually love it blonde, I just wanted a temporary change that would turn blonde over time…so I dyed it pink! I loved it, Luke maybe not so much lol. But I adore the cotton candy happy sparkly unicorn hair going around right now! Here are some of my favorite Pinterest finds!

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One of my favorite ways to uplift myself, right from the time I wake up, is to start with a little morning yoga. You don’t even have to leave your bed! Yoga By Candace is one of my favorite new YouTube discoveries – her videos are easy to follow, and she also has one of the best yoga books I’ve seen called Namaslay (affiliate link), which has these amazing images of each pose with cues for alignment and teaching the poses.

Enjoy this quick routine to wake up and get your day going…and share your favorite yoga YouTube channels with me in the comments!


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My favorite scents to start the day with are always citrusy, energizing, uplifting, and refreshing. I love combinations with mint and citrus, and sometimes a grounding oil. Throwing these blends into my diffuser and starting my morning off with a slow and gentle yoga practice is my ideal way to start off my day. Here are five of my favorite blends to uplift and energize! They’ll leave your air fresher and purified, and will help you wake up and get moving!

Peppermint Oil: Soothing and invigorating, elevates senses
Wild Orange Oil: Uplifting, calming, can elevate your mood

White Fir Oil: Energy, helps open respiratory system
Grapefruit Oil: Helps elevate your mood, aids with headaches, de-stressing, balancing, uplifting
Citrus Bliss Oil: Peace and Energy

Douglas Fir Oil: Focus, grounding, can soothe feelings of anxiousness
Lime Oil: Can soothe feelings of anxiousness, calming, uplifting, soothing

Bergamot Oil: Calming and uplifting
Peppermint: Soothing and invigorating, elevates senses
Lime Oil: Can soothe feelings of anxiousness, calming, uplifting, soothing

Breathe Oil: Opens respiratory system, invigorating
Wild Orange Oil: Uplifting, calming, can elevate your mood
Lime Oil: Can soothe feelings of anxiousness, calming, uplifting, soothing


If you’re interested in the oils I love and trust for myself and my family, visit the Essentials page here! Or check out my Facebook page or visit my doTERRA page


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Essentials oils are a recent love of mine, but I’ve fallen truly madly deeply in love with them. I originally got mine to make bath bombs but quickly started using them for pretty much anything and everything throughout my day to day life! And hands down, my diffuser was one of my all-time best purchases.

These are the five oils I reach for nearly constantly!

LEMONGRASS – This one is tangy and citrusy and fresh and clean. I use it to make a basic countertop cleaner (10 drops oil, 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water in a small glass spray bottle), to clean my toilets (dump in some baking soda and around 3-5 drops, let sit for around 5 minutes, then scrub out), to diffuse for a bright happy scent, and to add to sparkling water!

LAVENDER – At first I wasn’t that excited about lavender oil, as it’s pretty basic and mainstream at this point. I do love the scent, it reminds me of this amazing lavender farm we’d visit as kids, run by a charming British lady who served tea every day. But I wasn’t convinced of its amazingness until I pierced my ear and used it to support the healing process, and to help with on-going head tension. It’s one I absolutely can’t live without now!

DIGESTZEN – Being both lactose intolerant and celiac, I have times where my digestion needs some massive help. This one has been a lifesaver to me! I’m a big believer in “layers” of health, where you do the best that you can to help your body not have issues, and then you layer on support. So for me, that looks like eating a wheat (and all grain/bean) free diet, as well as a lactose-free diet 99% of the time. But there will be times when I either have no control over what I’m eating (for example, if I eat something I think is safe but turns out not to be so), or just plain want to live a little. This blend saves my butt and adds that extra layer of support!

CLARY SAGE – Another oil I got simply to copy cat a favorite bath bomb scent, and discovered was amazing for cramps! If you’re like me and get horrific cramps once a month, you need this oil. I’ve made myself a rollerball that has clary sage, cedarwood, bergamot, and ylang ylang, which are all great for relaxation and hormonal support, and I roll this on my stomach around every 2 hours when I’m suffering from cramping. Game changer!

WILD ORANGE – No post of mine on “top oils” would exist without this oil. This oil is my love language, my kryptonite, my obsession. Mildly sweet, fresh, happy. It’s detoxing, so I start my day with a drop in a huge glass of water, and it also helps me drink way more water since I love the taste so much! I diffuse this oil a ton (favorite blend is Breathe [respiratory blend], lime, and wild orange!), and my favorite roller blend is a ton of citrus oils – it’s happiness in a bottle!

If you want to learn more about the doTERRA essential oils I exclusively use and trust, I have a tab on my site here with some info! You can also visit my Facebook page, where I’ve been posting a ton of info and education! You can also find me on Instagram as @DeepMagicEssentials


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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This album has been on repeat for me for months now! It’s so encouraging, moving, uplifting. Aren’t the Psalms always though? Plus it has one of my favorite hymns of all time, “All People That On Earth Do Dwell.” I love it so much I painted a giant piece for our house (and actually listened to the song on repeat the entire time I painted!

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My friend Hannah introduced me to these beautiful shoes, as we’re both in love with Louboutins but the price is a bit out of reach. Ivanka Trump makes a very similar heel to the Pigalle or So Kate, and even at full price it’s a great deal for how well they are made, but it’s even better when you can get them on sale. I scored this pair on Poshmark for…get this…EIGHT DOLLARS. They’re real leather, and the comfiest 4″ heels I’ve ever worn. Never taking them off! (P.S. If you’re new to Poshmark, it’s an app/site where you can sell your clothing and buy from the closets of others! Use the code PZVMA when you sign up for $5 off your first order!)


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