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My friend Hannah introduced me to these beautiful shoes, as we’re both in love with Louboutins but the price is a bit out of reach. Ivanka Trump makes a very similar heel to the Pigalle or So Kate, and even at full price it’s a great deal for how well they are made, but it’s even better when you can get them on sale. I scored this pair on Poshmark for…get this…EIGHT DOLLARS. They’re real leather, and the comfiest 4″ heels I’ve ever worn. Never taking them off! (P.S. If you’re new to Poshmark, it’s an app/site where you can sell your clothing and buy from the closets of others! Use the code PZVMA when you sign up for $5 off your first order!)


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So by now you’ve heard me rave a bunch about Poshmark over on Instagram…I’m hopelessly addicted but have managed to channel it to a specific list of clothing that I need to add for a well-rounded wardrobe. Oh, and shoes. I thought I’d give you guys a few of my secrets on how I’ve made such great scores!




1// Follow brands! Poshmark lets you follow up to 50 brands, and I have a mix of favorite brands that I regularly shop, as well as some “dream brands” like Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin. Why do I bother with those, when the majority of time they will be out of my price range? Some people are actual unaware of the prestige or pricing of brands, and will sell for insane prices! The boots above are See by Chloe, listed under the Chloe brand, and originally sold for over $600. They were listed as “fancy boots” and were selling for $50!

2// Check your brands every day/week! I do a quick check each day using the “my brands” button. This allows me to see the newest items in my sizes each day, and I add things I’d consider buying to my “likes.” (A sub-tip here is to make sure you have your sizes saved in your preferences…it will save you a lot of time weeding through things!) Also, you’ll learn pretty quickly which brands you need to check every day and which ones you’ll only need to check once a week or so. I love the brand Acne, but there isn’t much posted on Poshmark, so I’ll pop in once a week or so.

3// Know your brands/pricing! I’m going to use Louboutins as an example here: I adore them and have done enough research to know which are authentic and which aren’t at a glance. (YouTube is really helpful here!) You also need to have a decent grasp on pricing so that you know when you’re getting a fantastic deal. I got the Brian Atwood heels below for 90% off!


4// Have a price limit/clothing list and stick to it! I keep a running list of clothing pieces I need to add to my wardrobe, and a mental price limit I’ll pay for each item or brand, and I stick to it. This will help avoid the urge to buy things just because they’re a great deal, but they’re things you’ll never wear. For example, I will pay no more than $15 for Target/H&M brands, $20 for Banana Republic/Loft, etc. I also make use of the “offer” button, but be sure not to be insulting! Don’t offer $5 for something that’s $20, that’s just inconsiderate!

5// Know when to wait and when to jump! I keep lots of items saved in my “likes,” and there are times to wait, and times to just go for it! When you save something to your likes, Poshmark will notify you any time one of the prices gets dropped, and sometimes you’ll even get discounted shipping if you purchase within an hour of a price drop. So sometimes, it pays to wait! But there are other times when you just need to go for it! For example, I’m on the lookout for Sam Edelman Petty boots in black, and every few days someone will post them for around $40-50. They sell within seconds, and I haven’t managed to score a pair yet, but if they’re in good condition, at that price I know I’m getting a deal! My saddest miss has been a pair of Louboutins that were posted for $33…I was doing a quick search for the style name because I wanted to check heel height, but they were gorgeous and I knew they were authentic…I waited about two minutes too long. Lesson learned!!




I hope these tips help you get some great scores! Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be sure and do a Part Two post on how to sell your unwanted clothes so you can put that money back into more great scores!


This is NOT sponsored at all! I just really love Poshmark! It’s an app but you can also access it online, and you can also score a $5 credit for your first order by using the code PZVMA (it gives me a credit when you make your first purchase, and you’ll get your own code to share when you sign up!)

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It’s not a secret that I adore Amy Stewart’s jewelry she creates for her brand Junghwa! Just browsing through various Listy List posts or this post that’s pretty apparent. I wear the pieces I had already on heavy rotation…they’re perfect and simple touches for the minimalist style I love. Pieces from her new collection was bound to make it into my stash! Dainty stacking rings, gorgeous glittering bracelets to add to my arm candy collection, delicate necklaces! Here are a few of my new pieces and I got a couple as presents as well…always a hit at Christmas and birthdays! You can shop at Etsy or on her stunning website, and be sure to go like her Facebook page as well…she does frequent giveaways and coupon codes, and those are something you don’t want to miss out on!


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I did a post a while back on finding your style, and this post is a follow up post, hopefully among many! I’ve finally pinpointed my style to be pretty laid back, model-off-duty, jeans and tshirt, little bit tomboy, little bit girly. Subtle details, and fabulous basics. So this post is all about finding great basics. If you have a different type of style from mine, you may want to adjust what you consider basics: for example, preppy style would wear buttoned fitted cardigans, and slightly more refined t-shirts, versus the slouchy t-shirts I tend to go for.

I have a few principles for basics.

  • Fit – flattering and timeless
  • Feel – great fabrics that will wear well
  • Quality Over Quantity – buy pieces that will last, with one exception (see #2 below)
  • Details – pick pieces with gorgeous details

basicswardrobe1// Everlane Women’s V T-Shirt ($15) – I’ve heard so much about Everlane and will be ordering some of these soon. If you’re interested in ordering these, Everlane has a referral program, so feel free to use my link to sign up for an account!

2// Hanes Men’s V-Neck Undershirts ($10-14 at Target) – These are my one exception to Quality Over Quantity…if you are anything like me, you will keep a white shirt clean for approximately an hour. White shirts also get sweat stains easier, and in general don’t hold up as well. So I don’t think it would be sound to buy super-expensive white t-shirts. My sister-in-law came up with this idea, and it’s brilliant. A couple rolls of the sleeves, and you have great white t-shirts, with minimal investment for when they get stains.

3// Clad & Cloth Lace Pencil Skirt ($32) – I discovered this company through Instagram, and they have some fabulous basic pieces with gorgeous details. Pencil skirts are timeless, knit is a great fabric for them to give them a more relaxed and casual feel, and the lace on this one is a fantastic girly detail.

4// Everlane Boyfriend Sweatshirt ($40) – Looks like the perfect girly-tomboy piece to me, well made and slightly fitted.

5// Free People Boyfriend’s Embrace Cardigan ($128) – This is my perfect type of cardigan: slouchy, loose, soft, cozy. These can be dressed up or down and layering pieces are perfect for a year-round wardrobe of t-shirts and tanks.

6// Clad & Cloth Native Sweater ($38) – Another example of great detail, and adding some trendiness in as well. For the most part, you want your wardrobe to be low on trends, but a few pieces here and there will go a long way.



Basics would also include great jeans, which I discussed before. My personal favorites are Levis, but fit varies so much person to person that the best thing to do it go try on a ton of different pairs. Department stores like JCPenny’s and Macys are excellent for this, because you get to try on lots of brands and styles. Find what works for you, and stick with it! Try to stay away from trends with jeans, and have a few basic pairs. Black, gray, dark wash, and light wash destroyed are four great pairs to have. Once you find your ideal jeans, scour deal sites, outlets, and eBay for great deals.


Next time I’ll be back with some tips for the shorties (i.e., me) and the models (i.e. the awesomely tall people like my sister-in-law). Each comes with its own problems…so I guess those of average height should rejoice! Also, if you have any style questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try to address them in future posts! 


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