Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the little bits of life, the projects and creativity I post…I like to keep my corner of the internet full of things that make me happy and keep me inspired.

I’m wife to Luke, and mum to three crazy boys; Jackson (9) and Derik (8), and Seeley (almost 2). We live in Southern California’s Mojave Desert, a huge change from my Delaware upbringing. I have a sister and Luke has 9 brothers. We attend a small church where Luke’s dad is the pastor and we all watch a lot of sports, being there are so many boys and all.

I am what I like to call a serial hobbyist. You name it, if it’s something creative-related, I’ve most likely tried it or want to try it. I love food. Cooking and eating it, but not doing the dishes. Top Chef is one of my favorite TV shows, which I watch the way men watch sports. I’ve seen every single episode of Gilmore Girls, PortlandiaParks & Rec, and Friends.

Design work seems like something that’s always been around, but it never dawned on me to turn into a business until a friend mentioned it. I was designing “magazines” in Publisher when I was a little girl, and the first part of starting one of my sister and my many “business” ventures was always creating a logo. I’ve always naturally been drawn to typography-based design, probably because I’m a book hoarder. And throw in the fact that my family is crazy creative and my mom encouraged me to draw and create  from the time I was little, it’s almost inevitable that I’d wind up doing something in the art field. I love creating branding for my clients, and painting quotes that turn into prints in my spare time!


cmphotogaphy-portraits-4133(Photo by Christa Mortimore Photography)