Something on my mind lately (well, more than usual?) is how motherhood is changed by being a creative, an artist, one compelled to create by the God-given talents pent up inside that must. get. out. For us, being creative isn’t an option, something we can shelve for later, less busy times. We actually go crazy if we can’t create in some fashion.

So if we must create, and we have these tiny people depending on us, along with the million other aspects that come along with being a wife and mother, where do we find that time? How do we find or change our creative outlets to work in 5 minute increments in between laundry and dinner?

On a related note, where do we find other moms that have this same drive to create? Other moms that have this weird thing about aesthetically pleasing homeschool curriculum/youtube videos and when they aren’t anywhere to be found, create some.

What about raising kids that are free to be as creative as we are ourselves? And how do you keep sane with the *ahem* mess *ahem* that tiny artists make?


I have so much more to say about all this.

I want to bring a little focus here on my blog, bringing you along with my journey as I figure some of this out. I would like to interview other artists raising artists, and foster a sense of community among us artists mums, even though we are spread across the world.

Please let me know what you’d like to see in this space, and how I can help you!

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