It’s been a while since I’ve been so inspired to sit down and create, and I’ve never actually made a cohesive collection before…so there’s a first time for everything! I thought I’d share some of the processes behind the pieces, and also talk about moving my shop over here!


The whole collection started with the Apostle’s Creed prints (in green here, and black and white layered version here). I drew sketches of ideas and made them all in one day, which is rare for me because I loathe scanning artwork and usually put it off for weeks. I texted the two versions around to my friends and family, asking which one was their favorite, and everyone chose sides…except for a few that said “BOTH!!!” and that’s what I’d been thinking all along. I added a third, simple version for those that want less going on.

And that’s how it all got started! From the Creed, I moved to the catechisms, and the Chief End of Man piece might be my favorite piece of the collection. I mixed in some favorite verses, and some snippets of hymns, and the whole collection came together just perfectly.

Painting the backgrounds might have been my favorite part. I used this gorgeous emerald green acrylic on canvas to make the background to the Creed piece, and black acrylic for the words layered behind the black and white layered version. I even pulled out my dip pens and ink for a few small pieces! I love that when you’re inspired to create, it just rolls right out, and you try things out of your comfort zone and experiment away. You never know if it will come out as you planned in your head, and that’s part of the fun…but when it does, you’re that much more excited about the results! 


Shop the whole collection here!

And as promised, why I’m moving my shop over here! I’ve had Etsy since 2012 when I first launched Hey There Design. It’s still there, and I’ll be leaving it there. (No free shipping over there, though, just saying.) However, recent changes to how the search function works has made my shop there have much less traffic, equaling reduced sales. I decided it was time for me to create a store that was MINE, and to work towards getting my own traffic. It’s scary, because it means a lot more work and a lot of not knowing how it will all work out…but I’ll be over here learning the plugins needed to keep it running smoothly, and praying about the traffic I need to get sales! Thank you all so much for your support of me over the years, and the support of this new collection! xoxo

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