I’m in a period of recharging right now: recharging my energy levels, and recharging my creativity. Sometimes creative people just go through these dry spells, it’s probably unavoidable. I’m writing more on that now, actually, and I hope what I’ve been learning will help you guys!


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness sounds fancy, or woo-woo, but it’s just paying attention and being aware of the thing in front of you. Pay attention to the moment you’re in. Be aware of what makes you feel a certain way, and how you can change things if need be.

Mindful recharge

In this case we’re talking about recharging. But first, let’s look at what drains you? Take a good look at everything that “has” to get done each day, and evaluate if it really does belong on your list. Maybe something you think “has” to get done is just your expectation but not an essential. Those overfull to-do lists are a huge drain!

On the flip side, what recharges you? What fires you up to get that list done? What makes your creativity come alive? It’s so important for your sanity that you try to incorporate more of what makes you come alive. This doesn’t mean shirking responsibilities or even throwing everything aside that needs to be done. But you should make a mindful and conscious effort to do things every single day that make you come alive.

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A worksheet for mindfulness

I created this worksheet to bring awareness to what drains and what recharges you. Fill it out and take stock of what needs to stay and what needs to go. And I’d suggest filling it out a few weeks later to see if you’ve made progress! And here’s a favorite quote to send you on your way…


Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.



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