One of my favorite parts about getting my essential oils has been continuing education! I’m such a nerd – I love research, and I love learning, and I’m beginning to love teaching just as much! I put tons of effort into learning all I can about these bottles of magic, and then I turn around and teach it all back out! I hope you’ll join me there!

Where can you find the classes?

I’ve been having regular Facebook Live video classes over on my Facebook page. You can find them every Tuesday and Thursday, right around 1pm PST. They’re very informal, you can jump on the videos when I’m live to ask me questions, or you can watch them on your own time! On Tuesdays I focus on tips and tricks I’ve learned to make your life easier with essential oils. Thursdays are essential days; learning more about the oils themselves. Occasionally, I hold Essentials 101 on Thursdays as well.


Would you like to host a class?

I also hold Facebook Event classes! I set up an event page, and I spend around a week before the date sharing articles, tips, and tricks to get started with essential oils. On the date of the class, I have a giveaway and a Live video where guests learn how to use and get essential oils in their home. As a thank you for hosting, I send you a gift in the mail that includes a custom essential oil rollerball and other goodies! If you’d like to host a class, message me here or over on my Facebook page!

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