I hit snooze again. I’m scrolling Facebook, again, even though I just did that 5 minutes ago and I know there won’t be anything now, just to avoid Dish Mountain. Why do I always put off doing the hard things so that they become harder to tackle with each passing moment? Well, simply put, I’m a Procrastinator Extraordinaire, and I have a really hard time with getting motivation on a day to day basis. I do best with a deadline, such as company coming over or an appointment to keep. But most of my days don’t involve deadlines and appointments, because I’m a stay-at-home mom, and moms don’t really have deadlines. (Just everlasting dishes.)

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So how on earth do I get motivation to do the hard things?

Easy. A little bit of trained self-discipline. And a whole lotta motivation.

Guys, I’m no where near perfect, and I totally still hit snooze most mornings. Also my sink is never ever empty, except when we leave for a trip. But I am slowly learning and teaching myself to grasp little moments of motivation, and to turn them into the momentum to Get. The. Things. Done.

Here are some of my favorite motivation tips!


Figure out what helps you do the thing and write out the steps you need to take.

For me, it’s a deadline to get the chores done, or having an appointment set for the morning that helps me tackle chores and wake up on time. I set a phone call or doTERRA consultation or attend an online class with an early start time. For chores, I set an imaginary deadline of one hour, or have a date set to take bags to the thrift shop.


Give yourself rewards for a job well done.

When I hit my goal, I let myself relax for a while. I read a chapter in a new book. I eat a square of my hidden chocolate bar. (If you have kids, you understand why my chocolate is hidden.) Sometimes taking a 15 minute break for every 45 minutes or so of work is what I need. Set goals and rewards, and the hard things get done a whole lot easier.


Try to have a grateful attitude.

I will be the first to admit I am a champion complainer, which is not something I’m proud of. But I’m working on it. And let’s be honest, the dishes are a billion times worse when I’m griping about doing them. Does this mean you need to be one of those annoyingly happy morning people the moment your feet hit the floor? Nope. Not even after coffee, breakfast, and yoga am I going to be relishing the fact that I have to leave my cozy down comforter. But I can tone down my crabby face. I can be grateful I could get out of bed. And I can praise God for small mercies like coffee because toddlers.


Do some happy things while you do the hard things.

This might look different for everybody, but for me it’s turning on my current favorite album (right now it’s Ed Sheeran), while diffusing some citrus concoction. (Find a list of my favorite uplifting diffuser blends here.) You might listen to old favorite music, or even podcasts or TED talks. This is almost like rewarding yourself, except the work is getting done at the same time!


Try to anticipate and lessen the amount of hard things.

There might not always be a way to do this, but two of my hard things both have counter measures I can employ. I can go to bed earlier, and I can try to wash dishes or at least load the dishwasher after each meal. Try to find at least one way to lessen the burden of each one of your hard things.



How about you?

What are your hard things? How do you cope with them? How do you get motivated to do them? Let me know in the comments how these tips go for you, and let me know if you have any other great ones for me!

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