I’m trying something new around here…I want to try writing on a theme each month or two (since I’m starting this in March), which will help make the blog more cohesive, I hope! Since I’m a multipassionate person, I know at times the blog probably looks scattered and maybe even confusing, but I’d love to show how all my passions tie together. So for the rest of March, and all of April, I’ll be posting with the theme uplift!

Why “uplift”?

Well, mostly I just need some happy spring feels over here, and I thought you might too! After a cold winter and starting to long for warmth and summer, I’m ready for all things uplifting and energizing!


What’s coming this month?

I’ve already posted a great list of my favorite uplifting diffuser blends, and I always try to post uplifting quotes around here, so there is more of that coming! I’ll be posting some of my favorite treats, favorite summer wardrobe additions, some great self-care options, a giveaway (eeeep! super excited about this!), and a couple of guest posts lined up! I’ll be throwing in a lot about my new Whole30/Paleo lifestyle, and lots of yoga and essential oils too.


What do you want to see?

Am I missing anything? What do you want to see here? Do you have a great idea for a guest post? (Email me here if you do!) Let me know in the comments because I’d love to hear from you, and I’d love to post about what you’d like to read!

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