Rollerballs are a great way to get oils on your kids – especially the squirmy toddler – and they love them. Yes, even the squirmy toddler. Within two times of me using oils on Seeley, he will ask for them when he sees us using them, and he spins around with his shirt pulled up so I can roll the oil down his spine.

Dilution: I use fractionated coconut oil to make my rollerballs. You can use just about any oil, referred to as a “carrier oil,” but if you want to use coconut oil you need to use fractionated, which remains liquid at any temperature! I like this one because it’s not greasy, so it won’t stain your clothes.

The Bottles: I like to buy mine from Etsy shops (like Purest Botanicals!) or Oil Life. They’re super inexpensive, come in lots of sizes, and if you buy different colors (like these rainbow bottles from Root & Petal!) your kids can recognize the different blends by color before they can read! I like 10ml bottles for kids the most, and all these blends are formatted for that size. Also, be sure to get glass or metal toppers for the bottles versus plastic.

Where to Roll On: The bottoms of the feet are a go-to for use on kiddos. The pores are larger there, allowing the oils to be absorbed quickly, and the feet aren’t that sensitive, so it’s a good place to start. They also don’t usually stick their feet in their eyes, although I have boys so you never know. :P I also love rolling them down the spine, as there are lots of nerves and blood vessels there. For older kids, I roll on the temples or on the cheeks if it’s one for supporting the sinuses or head, or if they want to be able to smell it.


Okay, on to the blends! It’s pretty simple to make a roller blend; you simply add the amount of essential oil, then fill the rest of the way with your carrier oil. Snap the roller top into place, and you’re all set! Here are the five blends my kids and I all love and reach for often! Again, all blends are for 10ml bottles, and these are the amounts I use. You can adjust accordingly for bottle size or for age, and for what you’re comfortable with. You’re the mama, you do what’s best for you and your kiddos! <3


Peppermint is soothing and calming, and DigestZen is a blend chock full of oils that can help soothe an upset stomach. This is great for upset tummy, carsickness, nausea, and even for morning sickness for mama!

This rollerball gets used for SO MANY THINGS at our house. This is actually my headache helper, and I roll in the “dent” on the back of my head where my spine meets my skull. For sleep, roll on bottoms of the feet and spine. This one is also my go-to for skin issues – diaper rash, sunburn, etc. Lavender is an extremely gentle and soothing oil, making it perfect for situations like that!

While I like straight Lavender to help my poor head, my boys gravitate towards this Peppermint/Lavender blend. This one is also great for sinuses, as Lavender is a natural anti-histamine. Another use for this blend is for sore muscles and growing pains, as Peppermint is soothing and cooling, so it can support the muscular system.

This one is happiness in a bottle to us. Rosemary helps with focus, Bergamot is soothing, Lemongrass and Wild Orange are both uplifting. Great for emotional support when your kiddos are feeling unsettled or lacking focus, for instance, would be a great support for those homework struggles!


OnGuard is an incredible oil blend, full of oils that are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral. I diffuse this one like crazy but it’s also a great one to roll on to support a healthy immune system. Wild Orange also has those same properties and it mellows the strong cinnamon-clove scent of OnGuard a bit.


If you’re interested in the oils I exclusively use and trust for my family, you can visit my Essentials page or stop by Facebook, where I’ve been posting lots of education on essential oil use!



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