Essentials oils are a recent love of mine, but I’ve fallen truly madly deeply in love with them. I originally got mine to make bath bombs but quickly started using them for pretty much anything and everything throughout my day to day life! And hands down, my diffuser was one of my all-time best purchases.

These are the five oils I reach for nearly constantly!

LEMONGRASS – This one is tangy and citrusy and fresh and clean. I use it to make a basic countertop cleaner (10 drops oil, 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water in a small glass spray bottle), to clean my toilets (dump in some baking soda and around 3-5 drops, let sit for around 5 minutes, then scrub out), to diffuse for a bright happy scent, and to add to sparkling water!

LAVENDER – At first I wasn’t that excited about lavender oil, as it’s pretty basic and mainstream at this point. I do love the scent, it reminds me of this amazing lavender farm we’d visit as kids, run by a charming British lady who served tea every day. But I wasn’t convinced of its amazingness until I pierced my ear and used it to support the healing process, and to help with on-going head tension. It’s one I absolutely can’t live without now!

DIGESTZEN – Being both lactose intolerant and celiac, I have times where my digestion needs some massive help. This one has been a lifesaver to me! I’m a big believer in “layers” of health, where you do the best that you can to help your body not have issues, and then you layer on support. So for me, that looks like eating a wheat (and all grain/bean) free diet, as well as a lactose-free diet 99% of the time. But there will be times when I either have no control over what I’m eating (for example, if I eat something I think is safe but turns out not to be so), or just plain want to live a little. This blend saves my butt and adds that extra layer of support!

CLARY SAGE – Another oil I got simply to copy cat a favorite bath bomb scent, and discovered was amazing for cramps! If you’re like me and get horrific cramps once a month, you need this oil. I’ve made myself a rollerball that has clary sage, cedarwood, bergamot, and ylang ylang, which are all great for relaxation and hormonal support, and I roll this on my stomach around every 2 hours when I’m suffering from cramping. Game changer!

WILD ORANGE – No post of mine on “top oils” would exist without this oil. This oil is my love language, my kryptonite, my obsession. Mildly sweet, fresh, happy. It’s detoxing, so I start my day with a drop in a huge glass of water, and it also helps me drink way more water since I love the taste so much! I diffuse this oil a ton (favorite blend is Breathe [respiratory blend], lime, and wild orange!), and my favorite roller blend is a ton of citrus oils – it’s happiness in a bottle!

If you want to learn more about the doTERRA essential oils I exclusively use and trust, I have a tab on my site here with some info! You can also visit my Facebook page, where I’ve been posting a ton of info and education! You can also find me on Instagram as @DeepMagicEssentials


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