I’ve been working on a lot of logos lately so I’ll be sharing them here again! This is actually one for myself, however! I’ve recently gotten into essential oils, and have a Facebook page and Instagram for them…and I’ve also started the process of getting my blog doTERRA certified so I can post about them here! ALLLL the heart eyes!

The business name comes from Chronicles of Narnia, one of my favorite books, and essential oils to me really are a kind of magic. They’re incredible and one of the oldest and most natural forms of health tools we have!

I chose to use traditional nib pens and ink to create my new logo, evoking days of old and ink splatters and potion recipes. I wanted it to be moody and mysterious, so I left it messy and also made a flipped version with white lettering and a cloudy swirling deep background.

I hope you guys love it as much as I do!


I have FOUR logo slots open again! If you’re interested you can email me

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