When I start creating logos for my clients, the very first thing I have them do is create a Brand Board. Old fashioned cut and paste is awesome and my favorite way to be intentional about what gets included, but Pinterest is a a close second. It’s easier than ever for clients to share their dreams for the aesthetic of their brand. It’s easily added to, shared with me so I can work on creating the perfect branding for you, and also serves to let your followers know what you’re all about.

The first place I start is in the design and packaging search tags. If you have specific brands that you love, start there! I especially love packaging from beauty brands like Acne, Bite Beauty and Herbivore, and fashion labels like Chloe and Celine. Or you can add a modifier like “minimal” or “romantic,” or even a specific color.

Color is the next place to go. Look up color palettes if you’re unsure or have too many colors you’re interested in…try to narrow it down to three or four colors tops. White and black don’t count unless they’re the main colors of your brand. for my brand, I do like minimal design, black is actually a main color for me. I also have blush, grey, and occasional pops of other muted colors like forest green or navy. Keep in mind you don’t need to just pin colors. You can pin decor, clothing, even food! But make sure all the images have the feel you want your brand to have…which is the next thing we will go over!

Another place to look for inspiration is places. I’m obsessed with the minimal and clean lines of Japanese interiors, their muted and limited color palettes. Look for places, their decor, even a specific color palette with keywords, like “green moors” or “blue mountains.”

What’s the number one word (three words tops) you want people to think of when they see your brand? For me, I’m working with minimal, luxe, and texture. I’m working towards making my print packaging be more luxe and rife with texture, but still minimal. My photos for Instagram have to fit two of the categories at a time to be posted. Even down to the font choices you make, they should fit in with your brand. Make sure the photos you choose for your Brand Board fit in with your chosen theme words.

Finally, make sure your Brand Board has some type on it…this helps when I go to see what you like, I have an idea of what types of fonts and handwriting you feel fits with your brand. Keep in mind that hand drawn type is looser than actual fonts (the beauty of it!!) and also that a designer will never copy exactly what another designer has done! This is a good thing though…you want to be your own stand-out brand. It’s fine for people to say “oh yeah her brand reminds me of Chloe with a splash of Bite Beauty,” but you never want them to say “oh yeah she totally ripped off Chloe!”

Once you’re done (and you’re never truly done since you can add to it whenever you’d like, but you know what I mean!) you’ll need to edit your board down. Scroll through it with your brand words in mind, and delete any pins that don’t quite fit. For me, for instance, I absolutely adore Glossier as a brand! But they don’t quite fit in with my keywords. They’re slightly more youthful, bold, forward, and modern than I want my brand to feel. I want modern, but with a touch of luxe and texture, less sleek, more textural. As you add more pins down the road, make sure you edit to make it one cohesive feel, and quite possible your brand will evolve over time as well! Also, a good limit to impose on yourself is 100 pins or less. You don’t want the board to be so overwhelming you don’t remember what’s on it!

Your assignment is to go create a killer Brand Board! And please come back when you’re all finished and share it with me!! I would love to see, and I might just pick a few to go over and critique in future blog posts! You can check the one I designed for Hey There Design here!

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