A new collection of prints is live in my Etsy Shop! This time, they’re all food-themed, because, well, food! Also, my oven is on the fritz, and I thought what better way to fund a new one than with food-themed quotes, which are a perfect gift to hang in your own kitchen!

I absolutely love this quote, because pasta is magic. Don’t deny it.

A little bit of Pooh Bear, for my mom.

And Ratatouille, for you Disney/Pixar lovers. Also a favorite quote, because it’s so true! My boys love cooking with me now, especially Derik. They have their own chef’s knives and help cut vegetables, which frequently ends with them holding a contest as to who can eat the spiciest or craziest thing. Crazy being mushrooms or broccoli.

Speaking of celebrity chefs, is anyone else obsessed with food shows? Top Chef has long been a favorite, but Netflix is KILLING the game right now with Chef’s Table. There’s also The Mind of a Chef, which introduced me to Momofuku and began our Asian food obsession in earnest.

There you have it! These are all available now! Some are in blush and mint as well, and I’ve made the “Enjoy Life Eat Cake” print into a poster in two sizes. Feel free to let me know if you’d like to see a different size!

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