Those of you that know me personally are aware I’m a bit obsessed with coffee. I’ll take it in pretty much any way, shape, and form, the stronger and more caffeinated the better. So when Bon Appetit published this story recently, I knew I’d have to try it myself!
CokeAndCoffeeTopThe secret to making this double caffeine kick extra smooth and delicious lies in the Mexican Coca-Cola. It’s made with cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup, which makes me feel better about the occasional soda splurge, and since we live in California, it can be found almost at any grocery or convenience store…I’m a lucky girl indeed!

Also, I’ve tried lots of espressos, but by far my favorite is Blue Bottle Hayes Valley. They sold me when they described it as “achingly heavy with voluptuous red-brown crema,” and it doesn’t disappoint. I’m able to pull an astoundingly thick shot that’s smooth and chocolaty, and holds its own!

There’s not really much of a trick to making this drink, just pour the Coke over plenty of ice, and then top with a double shot of espresso…and then get some stuff done! CokeAndCoffee

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