I’m on the hunt for a pair of classic nude heels…obviously if money were no option, no questions that gorgeous pair of Louboutins would be MINE. I mean. Sadly, we aren’t all Kardashians (seriously, have you SEEN Khloe’s shoe closet?!), so I’ll be looking for a steal. These Ivanka Trump Kayden heels are a great stand-in for the Louboutin Pigalles! I’ll be looking first on Poshmark…I’ve scored so many great deals there and also cleaned out my closet. (If you want to try it out, you can use the code PZVMA and you’ll get a $5 credit!) My favorite score so far is my See By Chloe boots (over $600 retail!) for $50…and I paid for most of that with money I made selling off stuff that’s been hanging out in my closet, not getting worn. Anyhow, I adore these heels with jeans and a blush-y sweater or top…it’s so understated and feminine!


Keep an eye out for something new coming to my Etsy! See the “steal” and “splurge” I layered over my collage? Well soon you’ll be able to use them on your own fashion posts on your blog or Instagram! I’ve got a whole pack of style words and phrases for layering and styling! 


(Style photos // 1 // 2 // 3)

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