Our little man is here! And seven weeks old! Where does the time GO?! We are pretty smitten. He looks like his older brothers (and his dad) and is super calm and chill and serious, except that small percent of the time when his temper flares. Aka, waking up or getting his clothes changed or taking a bath. ;) He’s starting to smile and coo at me, and makes lots of grumbly sounds.


I was actually due the 27th or the 29th, depending on who you ask, and Jackson and Derik were both right around their due dates, so I wasn’t really expecting to have Seeley early. On the Saturday and Sunday before I had him, I started having some contractions, and by Monday, they were completely timeable and 5 minutes apart, but not a drop of pain yet. We debated what to do, since we lived two hours away from our birth center, and decided that it was better safe than sorry and did the drive down. Hours of walking later and checking in with the midwives, and they decided I was in early labor but that baby was going to stay put for a little while still. I had non-painful contractions 4-5 minutes apart all week long, until Friday morning when they picked up and my water broke…another first for me! By Friday evening we started heading to the birth center, and at around 7 that night we got there, and the midwife on call, a sweetie named Rachel, suggested walking around and finding an herbal supplement called Black Cohash, just in case things didn’t pick up, since the contractions at this point were more persistent, but not really painful. I was on the clock since my water broke, so things had to get started within 24 hours or I would have to transfer to a hospital to get induced.

We walked around in a Target and then went to Sprouts to find the herb, and around 10 pm real labor kicked in…the memory of that specific type of pain came back rather quickly. We headed back to the birth center where I walked around the courtyard for another hour and a half, when Rachel called to check on me and realized I was more than ready for her to come back. I was trying to hold on for another few hours before calling her but she came back right when I really needed her. I always try to convince myself I’m not as far along in labor as I think I might be, so that I don’t get disappointed, but within an hour of Rachel coming back and breaking my water for real (I had a slow leak and breaking it all the way would allow things to really kick in), I hit transition, and at 2 am, a mere four hours after “real” labor started, Seeley James made his entrance.

We knew right away he was a calm little guy. He didn’t cry or scream at all when he was born. Just looked at me with bright little eyes and was quite contented to snuggle with me for a whole hour before Julia, the assistant helped get mommy cleaned up and Rachel got baby all checked and swaddled. He topped my three boys as my biggest so far, at 8 pounds, 2 ounces and 20 inches long. He actually had tiny feet, which means all the cute little socks I have actually fit him (unlike Jackson and Derik, who both had giant feet!), and he has short stubby little hands and he is very expressive with them. We got to take him home a few hours after he was born and introduce him to his brothers and uncles and cousins and grandparents. Luke wanted to bring him home in a Dallas Cowboys outfit my mom found for him, but alas, he’s too short for something that’s a 3 month size, so he had to settle for a football sleeper. ;)

I’m so grateful that everything went so smoothly this time, and that we were able to have a fantastic experience at the birth center. I was able to direct how my prenatal care went along with my midwives, and in labor I was able to find what was most comfortable to me and everything was just so calm. Even a small detail like lighting…they dimmed the lights and had some electric candles around the room, which honestly felt more like a five star hotel room than a hospital room. All my prenatal appointments were in the birth suites, so I was already comfortable there, and I had met all the midwives ahead of time. We loved it there God really blessed us to find it, and we are completely blessed to have Seeley as a part of the family!

Enjoy these photos of our newest cutie! My friend Sarah did some of us too…I’ll share those when I get them!










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