February’s goal was to write a poem…this is where my mom laughs because me and poetry have a rather…troubled…past. Ask me to write a biography on a president or anything non-fiction, and I’m happy as a clam. Short stories and poetry though? Those brought me to tears. While I have made amends with poetry, which is actually one of my favorite things to read, my attempts usually resemble Emily of New Moon and her childish attempts to be sophisticated. (One of my favorite book series, btw, written by LM Montgomery.)

That being said, I did write a poem for February, and it is haiku, which is my favorite form of poem simply for its rules and structure. I find if I break down things I am not good at into smaller bites, or find something about it that I can be good at (structure, rules, etc) then I have a better chance at succeeding.

So where is said poem? I said I wrote it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to put it online. ;) See above note about my attempts and “childish attempts to be sophisticated.” So take my word for it, and I also actually enjoyed it, oddly enough, which makes me want to try writing more in the future.

In its place, enjoy this wallpaper I made for February (as a continuation of January’s typography project)! Feel free to download and share!


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  1. Haha‚Ķ. yes, I remember I was always super into writing fiction & you HATED it! :-D Good for your for branching out and trying poetry. It’s been AGES since I’ve tried anything like that. Maybe next year I’ll create a list something like this! :-)

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