I am officially the world’s worst blogger. I do the same thing with journalling, I’ll be super good about it for a week and the forget about it for three months. I would say “I promise I’ll get better about blogging” like I’ve said a bunch of times before, but I’m pretty sure I’ll always be sporadic about it. :P Or not, but I’ll do the best I can and try not to neglect my blog for months at a time! For now, some random tidbits (including this random photo of some delicious tangerines Luke’s grandparents brought at Christmas)!


I’m almost seven months pregnant now with our third boy! No, we don’t have an official name yet. Hopefully we have one in 10 weeks. ;) It’s all gone pretty smoothly, especially since I didn’t get sick with this one beyond a few weeks of nausea. Compared to Jackson and Derik, where I threw up for 6 months with Jackson and 7 with Derik, this time has been a walk in the park! (except for being super tired and kind of perpetually sore, but I have a feeling that happens when it’s your third kid and you’re chasing two rambunctious boys around already.)

I’m working on getting some new designs launched in my shop, as well as working on a new project of sorts. I’m not sure what it is yet, but I’m brainstorming up a bunch!

I actually made a decent list of New Year’s goals, including things like “wake up and exercise each morning” and “read 20 books.” I prefer setting an attainable goal, especially for things like exercise. If I set a goal like “lose 40 pounds” or “don’t eat sugar at all,” I feel like those aren’t a long-term true GOAL, whereas my goal to wake up earlier and make exercise part of my routine is me actually changing my lifestyle. Books are easier to settle on a number. ;)

The other thing I’ll be doing this year (and attempting to blog about!) is a list of 12 “fun” projects, one per month…my sister in law Julie came up with the idea and it’s a fun one! I’ll blog soon with the full list of what we’re doing…and let me know if you join in!

Last but not least, I’m still working on streamlining my wardrobe, and also cooking more, using the awesome cookbooks I’ve collected over the years…I really do want to try to blog about all this!

Do y’all plan out goals/resolutions for New Years? Or just sort of wing it?

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