Latest round of designs! Next time I’ll be back with a release of Christmas prints! Yes, I’m sorry, I know it’s still October, but Christmas is only NINE WEEKS AWAY. Also, I guarantee you my Nana has been playing Christmas music since September, maybe even August. So I’m not too early at all. ;)


http://danielcruzphoto.comDaniel’s new logo came out stunning, if I do say so myself! He and his fiancĂ© Sarina are amazing to work with, and we’ve got another project going!





This is one I worked with Aurora on, for a web design she was doing! And now that it’s up and running, Dying Alive will be a regular read for me…honest to goodness straight up challenging writing.

http://www.sarahsotro.comSarah is awesome. (She shares my undying love for Gilmore Girls. Enough said.) And her new site totally reflects that…it completely fits her personality and style.


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