Fall is almost here, and while SoCal has no idea what fall actually is aside from pumpkin-flavored things, one can dream! Couple of fall-y hat tips: Starbucks has fall drinks buy one get one free from 2-6 through the weekend, also, add mocha to your PSL. When wanting to mimic the weather of fall when your climate refuses to cooperate, you blast the AC (or swamp cooler) and wear some layers. For all of you actually enjoying REAL fall weather, I’m so jealous and please send some my way! This is my wish list for fall…here’s hoping SoCal listens and stops this 100-degree nonsense! ;)


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  1. Jo! You need to get Luke to take you on a Fall Foliage Hunt/Drive next time he has a day off… There have to be some SOMEWHERE out there! A bit north? On the mountaintop? :-D

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