I’ve decided I should post what I’ve been working on lately…a mix of designs I’ve done for my shop, recent logos, or even the occasional freebie! This is a round up of some of the logos I’ve worked on in past months, at least the ones that have gone live! I have a few more awesome ones in the works or still under wraps that I can’t wait to share with y’all!

http://vallarinacreative.comVallarina Creative…Valerie is one of the nicest people I’ve met and has great design taste! Loved the surprise pop of color with this one, as I tend to work in dark/black a lot!


Mary Beth has been one of my dear friends since I was around 12…it was an honor to be the one making her new logo for Annapolis & Company! This has to be one of my favorites. Ever.


Danielle is one of those people I could see becoming a “real-life” friend…she is just that awesome. She has four of the cutest kids on the planet, and go and take a look at her kitchen remodel. I am swooning over that kitchen. Also, love how she incorporated her logo into her blog design!

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