I really love Etsy. I have found so many great shops through selling there myself, and met some awesome people! I did a swap a while back with Applesass, and wanted to tell you guys about how awesome their bath, body and home products are! Nope, not paid for these…we swapped with each other from our shops and I believe in passing on products and stores that are just that awesome! :)



I got these yummy smelling goodies (as well as a coconut soap that I wanted to eat, it smelled so awesome!)…I can’t pick a favorite scent because they’re all that good! The Meringue Bang is the lightest, fluffiest lotion you can imagine, and just like the Surf scent description, it really does manage to smell like the ocean and fresh linens. Heaven! Since I live in a desert, the “epic moisture” claim reeled me in, and they’re not kidding! This stuff keeps my skin so soft!

The silk body oil is like velvet going on, and a musky smell called Auburn, which I adore. Last but not least is the Boho Room Freshener, which might just edge out the others as my favorite scent…can’t get enough! I go through my house at least once a week and spritz this around, and not only is the bottle lasting forever, the scent lingers for days!



The other awesome bit about Applesass is their ingredient lists. I try to go for products that don’t have ridiculously unpronounceable ingredients, and they deliver! All natural oils, butters, and fragrances!


What are you guys waiting for?! Get shopping!! ;)

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