“It is never too late in the day to start the day over again.”

Man, I needed to hear that the other day! It was, simply put, a day of failures. Failure to keep attitudes in check. Failure to keep promises I’d made. Failure to get everything done on time, and failure to finish everything on my long to-do list. Failure to give my boys all the attention they needed. Failure to discipline when I probably should have. Failure to guard my words. Failure everywhere.

And yet.

We finally did decide to start the day over, my boys and I. Just before bedtime. I ran the boys a bath, and tossed in a six dollar bath bomb from LUSH in there. It made their water orange, then blue, then green from the colors mixing. A few moments later, I overheard Derik singing, in his signature off-key way, “today is the best day ever, ever, ever!”

Derik showed me what God’s grace looks like. God has a way of showing us in huge simplest things, doesn’t He? Showing us the exact way He forgives, and then moves on. Our slate is wiped clean. Let’s be honest…to Him, every day of our lives must look exactly like the beginning of this day had – failure, failure, failure. He must look down at us and wonder how we get ourselves in these situations over and over, when He is right there, waiting to pull us out of our mud-wallowing and run us a bubble bath, and make our day “the best day ever, ever, ever.”

Now I just need an endless supply of six dollar bath bombs…


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