I am finally getting around to this! Brush pens are one of my new favorite finds! I use them constantly, from working on logos to using them to create a lot of my prints. Even my header here was created using a brush pen! This is just a basic “how to use” tutorial…but let me know if you have any questions or want any future tutorials about these awesome pens!IMG_6275

I lovelovelove the Copic markers, solely for their brush pens. I’ve tried multiple brush pen brands, and haven’t found anything better. The pigmentation is excellent, and the line is very controllable and saturated. They’re around $7-8 each, but if you consider that Michael’s always gives out 40% off coupons, you can get these markers for around the price of any other brush pen. So trust me when I say BUY THESE PENS!! Start out with the basic black (100 Black) and add colors from there!  If you’re not near a Michael’s, you can buy the basic black here at Amazon.) IMG_6280

Next step: take care of your brush pens! According to Copic, you can technically store these upright but honestly, I’ve never thought that was a super great idea. They are even stored in the stores horizontally. That keeps the ink from going to one end of the pen or the other and drying the tips out. So please, store them flat! Also, be sure not to press crazy hard on the brush tip; that can cause the tip to break or flatten out in strange ways. Practice with how much pressure you need to create different types of strokes. IMG_6277

All of these strokes were created with a brush pen! You can see the variety and what you’d be able to do with it! Now on to practice: start with something you write all the time, like your name! IMG_6278 IMG_6279I drew my name three ways here: super thin, using just the tip of the pen and almost no pressure, messy and fat using fast handwriting and the side of the brush tip, and in a calligraphy style, using varying pressure and the whole of the brush tip. CreateMoreI love these pens for the sheer amount of possibility they have! Now go create more!


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  1. Ah! First off, I absolutely ADORE your new design. It’s gorgeous!! And secondly thank you so much for this tutorial! I bookmarked your blog and keep coming back to see if you have more handwriting tutorials. I just ordered my copic pen today. So excited! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with the rest of us. xo, Natalia

    1. Thank you SO much!!! Let me know how you like the Copic marker and thanks for checking in! And let me know if there are any tutorials you’d like to see!!

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