I’ve been thinking a lot about being a mumma lately. How sometimes it seems like a chore that will never end but then other times were come to the (accurate) realization that it will end all too soon. How these wild crazies we call our children complete us somehow.

We have lots to get done each day that needs to get done, there’s no doubt about that. Just keeping the children alive and happy can be a lot sometimes (I kid! mostly.) but then there’s still keeping up with everyone being fed (something they require on a regular basis and frequently forget that you just fed them 20 minutes ago) and the house being somewhat presentable. It can be a lot. It is a lot. Sometimes you forget what normal is.

I say embrace it. This is your normal. It’s wild and crazy, and so are they, most days. Then one day your youngest will be playing (alternating between Asgard and Middle Earth) and exclaim “My Queen,” which will take you completely by surprise. And he will continue to address you as such for around three days. You will figure out how to strategically clean your house while your kids are napping. Or at least they are moderately quiet in their room. Food will land on the table, albeit at strange hours. You won’t always burn it and your love of cooking has stuck around after 7 years. Your husband will surprise you with chocolate every now and again because he knows it’s what you really needed. He’ll encourage you to take time for yourself every day. He will watch countless romantic comedies with you because he knows they make you laugh and cry. Your boys will be highly upset if they forget to kiss you before bed.

The new normal is good.

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