With all the new babies arriving around here lately, I’ve had quite a few showers to shop for! So I decided to make a list asking a few moms what they can’t live without, and things I couldn’t live without, and new discoveries!

Also, what is it about babies being born in spurts?! Almost every single person that had a baby this “batch” of babies had boys! Only two girls in around 15 babies born between the women I know and the blogs I follow! The jury is still out on my sister though…we are still impatiently waiting!



1 // First Years Baby Tub  ($17.99) – This was my sister-in-law Julie’s recommendation. She says the mesh sling makes bathing a slippery newborn a breeze!

2 // California Baby Tea Tree & Lavender Soap ($10.79) – Again, originally a tip from Julie, but this has become a favorite of mine even with the boys now! The scents are fantastic and gentle and this one is my personal favorite.

3 // Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets ($34.95/4) – I don’t know of a single mom now that doesn’t swear by these blankets. I wish I’d had some when mine were little, although I think we had a close second with some swaddle blankets made of jersey. They were never quite big enough though. These are soft, light enough for summer, can be used as a nursing cover in a pinch and all-around pretty. Worth every penny.

4 // Boy’s Sweater Set by Tea Collection ($59) – Pricey, I know, but Julie owns several outfits for her daughter from here, all hand-me-downs, and she says they look brand new after going through multiple kids! And so cute! It’s worth a shot keeping an eye on sites like ThredUp and Zulily too! In fact, I just browsed Zulily and they have quite a bit on there!

5 // Munchkin Fresh Feeders ($6.99/2) – I discovered these while babysitting and I have no idea how I lived without them for teething. You can pop slices of fruit in there to gum on, or when baby has a particularly evil tooth coming through, ice cubes. Plus, you can just stick them in the dishwasher to clean. Brilliant.

6 // Moby Wrap ($44.99) – These are a lot easier to manage than the non-stretch slings in my opinion. Also, I never felt like mine were as secure in a sling so it was never hands-free. There are tons of ways to wrap the Moby and it comes in lots of colors. I wouldn’t necessarily choose cream but this picture had the tiniest baby. ;)

7 // Ergo Carrier ($130) – I’m not sure which I would like better next time around, a wrap or carrier. I’d love to try this one out and I’ve heard people rave about both the Ergo and this Boba Carrier. Borrowing wraps and carriers from friends that have babies already is a great way to try them for a few days and see what you like!


What are your can’t-live-without items for new babies/mums? I’d love to hear them so I can pass them along the next baby shower that comes along! 

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