I have been working on finding my style for a while now. I realized that I tended to pick pieces of clothing that I loved, but that were all over the place style wise; when I would go into my closet to pick an outfit, nothing would go together. So I vowed to work on creating a wardrobe that works. One that will be simple and cohesive, will still contain pieces I love, and will make it easy to dress quickly and fit my lifestyle.

Let’s face it: especially if you’re a mom, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on getting ready in the morning. I’ve got my makeup routine down to 10 minutes. I want to make getting dressed in the morning even simpler than that, while still having style. Because let’s face another thing: it can be hard to keep any sense of “style” when you’re a mom. I was getting bored of being a “jeans and tshirt” mom, but then I came to a realization…


Jeans and tshirts can be my style. 


I took a good look at what I pinned on Pinterest. Overwhelmingly, I pinned outfits and clothing that were simple, stuck to a basic color palette of black, gray and white with pops of color, and those outfits were based around jeans and tshirts. For me, it really works. And to upgrade it from the “boring” jeans and tshirts I was wearing before, it really doesn’t take much. Some pieces of simple jewelry, switching to nicer flats or sandals instead of flip flops, and adding accessories. A few small touches can be the difference between having style or not.


Here’s what I did to find my style, which I’ve dubbed Model Off Duty:

  • I browsed my Pinterest board. You might be inconsistent with your pinning, but you’ll start to notice trends. If you’re pinning lots of flannel and cowgirl boots, you probably have a Southern style. Lots of button downs, anchors, and loafers? You probably have preppy style. And once you realize what you like, try to keep your pinning really consistent. It will help you decide which pieces to buy, and help you plan outfits. I seriously love Pinterest as a resource.
  • I went through my closet, and weeded out what doesn’t get any wear. I thought about why certain pieces weren’t getting worn, and why others were. For me, I like things in a consistent color palette. Red pieces weren’t getting worn, but coral and royal blue were as my pops of color. I love most of my clothing to be black, white, or gray; everything goes with those colors.
  • I realized I’m huge on layers. Not as much button-down cardigans, but loose, flowing cardigans or oversize sweaters. Button down sweaters to me are more preppy, and the looser cardigans are more relaxed.
  • Because I’m a mom, I need things to be easy. I realized that heels are okay on Sundays, but for the majority of my outfits, I’ll be wearing flats, sandals or sneakers. I have learned to pick classic and timeless over trendy. Converse and Nike sneakers in black, white and gray(you can find them cheap at outlets), simple leather sandals, and black and leopard flats. I also love flat boots; I have one brown and one black pair.
  • Because my style is a majority of tshirts and jeans, I’m starting to buy classics and basics. I’ve tried many jeans, but have learned that investing in a few good pairs of Levi’s is what works for me. (Again, outlets are a great place to shop on a budget, as well as thrift stores. The Demi Curve jeans are my favorite slim fit jeans, and I bought my pair of gray jeans for $15.) I love oversized tshirts, and these Mossimo tshirts at Target have been a staple in my closet, and they frequently go on sale in stores.
  • I can dress this style up or down, by adding little touches. Dressing it down is easy: add some Converse sneakers and a bit of camo or army green. Dressing up: add sequins, heels, leopard, some glittery gold necklaces.



I’m going to be doing a series on style…simplifying my closet, picking pieces that fit in with my style, and more. Please let me know if there are any posts you’d like to see in here!


Photos: Pinterest // All For Fashion Design // This is Glamorous // Express-O // Acrimony 
If you know where any of these photos came from so I can provide more accurate links, please let me know!

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