Luke and I love finding new food items; some of these are tried and true, and some are new addictions. A couple splurges and a few staples, and one thing I just can’t live without!


1// Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix (around $4 in our grocery store) – favorite pizza mix! For homemade pizza nights Luke and I each get our own pizza now; his is covered in toppings, and I like to keep mine simple.

2// Nielson Massey Vanilla Bean Paste ($12 at Amazon, but I’ve found for $5 at Ross before) – This is a nice upgrade to regular vanilla. My favorite thing to add it into so far has been this copycat recipe for Starbuck’s Vanilla Bean Scones…now I need to make a gluten-free version!

3// Blue Bottle Giant Steps Coffee ($17/lb) – this is one of our favorite coffees. Blue Bottle is a place we hope to visit one day, and a splurge for us every now and again. They roast on certain days a week and send fresh roasted coffee right to our mailbox! Worth every (delicious) penny.

4// Trader Joe’s Truffle Oil ($4.99) – While the truffle oil I have isn’t from Trader Joe’s, I love TJ’s and theirs is the most reasonably priced. I mostly use mine to top off homemade french fries, a la Haven Gastropub’s Truffle Fries. Things of dreams, I tell ya.

5// Brookside Acai Berry Dark Chocolate Pieces ($3.58 at Walmart) – This is my “can’t live without” splurge now. I buy a bag every week as a treat for myself, and it helps curb buying other junky chocolate (i.e., Reese’s Cups). I dole them out and when they’re gone, they’re gone. And then I buy a new bag. Sharing is optional.

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