ListyListInMyDreamsI have been swooning over these things, most of which I’ll only own in my dreams. But I’ve also been realizing lately that quality is better than quantity. Buying one thing that will last for years is better than buying something that’s maybe more reasonably priced, but will only last for a few wears or months or whatever. This doesn’t just apply to clothing; we’ve found that paying a bit more for furniture will result in a piece that lasts a lot longer. I’ve determined to only buy new pieces that will last. As far as clothing goes, for now I’m not buying nicer pieces, as I’m still in the process of losing weight, but shoes will fit now and later. A gorgeous fashion blog I just found has tips on how to invest in clothing and shoes that will last, definitely check that out! Anyways, here’s my list for when I have buckets of money to spend. ;)


1// Dieppa Restrepo Lady in Camel Ankle Boots ($196) – Sadly, this particular shoe is only available in a size 10 because they’re on final sale. Otherwise, I would have been saving like crazy! However, a quick web search for these showed several other colors from other stores. They are stunning, the perfect ankle boot, and real leather from top to bottom!

2// Nikon D7000 & 18-105mm lens ($996) – This is something I actually am saving for. It’s about time to upgrade my camera and I’ll be making the switch to Nikon next time around. For now it’s a dream, but I hope to make that dream a reality soon!

3// Joydivision Vintage Leather Tote ($125) – I’m looking for a leather tote that would last forever. This one might just be it. Another favorite is this Madewell tote.

4// The Danish Mug ($38) – This isn’t the biggest splurge ever, but it’s a just dreaming item for now. It’s a stunning piece of handmade tableware, that I hope one day will be a part of my kitchen. (Eventually I’d love to own all handmade/handthrown tableware! Maybe I’ll wait until my children are grown though…)

5// Walnut and White Ash Queen Bed ($2,950) – This bed is stunning.

6// Christian Louboutin Pigalle 85 Pumps ($625) – The perfect black heel. Not too high, always in style, and real leather. They will wear forever and you can have them resoled as needed. Luke has promised me that one day I’ll own a pair. ;)


What is on your dream wishlist? What do you splurge on and what do you save on? Do share!

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