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Love taking little moments with my boys to have tea or coffee (they declared that they didn’t like chai tea though, only blueberry). To talk with them and listen to them. They have the funniest stories and ideas and questions. Boys are the sweetest, really. Derik tells me on a regular basis that I’m the best mom ever, and he thinks my name should be Supermom. They compliment me on my cooking (mainly when it’s cookies and pancakes) and Jackson will help me whenever I ask. They make up stories when they eat, to keep each other occupied. And since we’ve started school they think harder and harder about things…Derik asked me the other day what the moon was made out of. I try hard to make time for those moments and not brush them aside. As mothers we are frequently so busy that we huff off a quick answer to their endless questions and forget that we are the ones who teach them everything they know, to brighten their days and color their lives with adventure and fun and learning. So take some time and have some tea with your sweet ones. You won’t regret it for a second.

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