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So the title is a bit misleading, right off the bat, because there are times (a lot of times) where I don’t get it all done. Between taking care of my boys and homeschooling them, keeping the house clean, and dinner on the table and keeping my business growing, things sometimes don’t get done. Sometimes, the boys bathroom really needs a good deep clean and sometimes I forget to put the laundry away. (Okay, I always forget to put the laundry away.) Sometimes I have too many design projects on the table.

The number one thing I’ve had to realize is that even though I’m Supermom to my kids (no, really, Derik thinks I’m Supermom.) I really can’t do it all. I’ve had to learn to say “no” to projects I might have otherwise taken on, and to realize that my most important job is to take care of my family. In my case that also means homeschooling. Prioritizing is key. I make lists all the time and then organize them by the most important thing to the least important. My business always has to come last to my husband and kids.

My phone has actually helped with the listmaking and organization a lot. I use the Reminders app to make tons of lists, and my new favorite app is Sunrise, a calendar app that takes all your calendars on Google and iCal, and even your reminders (if they’re dated), and squashes them all into one. One of my goals this year is to be a much more organized person, and streamline my business operations so it runs smoothly all the time.

I use nap time and after the boys go to bed to work on my business. I do everything in batches: I’ll make a new batch of artwork, then take a batch of photos, then upload new art to Etsy. I’ll sit down and work on writing several posts at a time and schedule them. I’ll set a day aside for freelance work. I get art printed and ship one day a week.

The one thing I’ve had to learn and keep as a firm rule is that I don’t work on business on Luke’s days off. I’ll make sure and let people know I have days I don’t work, that those days I won’t complete jobs, mail, email, whatever. Monday comes around soon enough, and the work will still be there. It can be hard to stick to that rule, because when you own your own business, your work is always there. But you need a break. Just like at a “real” job you would have days off, you need to tell yourself it’s okay to have days off.


Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping up with everything that needs to get done in a day? 

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