IMG_5944My niece, Kaylynn, is crazy about the song “What Does the Fox Say,” and now my boys are too. (If you haven’t heard it, it’s adorable, but also the most annoying song on the face of the planet. So naturally a favorite of all kids.) So when her birthday rolled around, we decided to put together a box to mail her, and it all started with the fox magnets! Target had a whole set of fox items…notebooks and pens and pencil cases, but we knew that Kaylynn would love the magnets! Then I found out that there’s a book made from the song! Luke added the mama and baby fox (from IKEA) and last but not least, I was sorting vintage postage stamps, and found this adorable little foreign stamp with the cutest tiny fox on it!


A themed box is a great way to make a personalized present! It doesn’t have to be huge or extremely complicated…just start with a theme and find small pieces that relate to it! I’ll be making a Hello Kitty box for a little girl turning three soon! Some ideas would be favorite characters, foods, books, movies, etc…and these don’t just have to be for kids either! The possibilities are endless!


I’d love to hear your ideas for themed gift boxes! Who would you give one to, or have you ever been given one?


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