MakingCreativeSpaceSMSo I’ve actually added more to my little space, since this photo was taken…it’s really coming together! I made an art room almost two years ago when we moved in, with some help from my mom and a LOT of paint. In recent months, however, it’s been more of a guest room and will eventually be a nursery or a little girl’s room. (No, I’m not preggers. Just planning ahead.) I’ve been moving my art stuff back and forth, and never seemed to actually use the room as an art room. Then I had an idea to move all my art supplies into my laundry room, which has this awesome desk/counter with tons of storage and perfect light. When mom and dad were out here a few weeks ago, we made it happen and *drumroll please* all together it cost less than $60. So here’s my list of sources and how I made this perfect little nook for myself on the cheap! I bought the shelving and hanging system, and some of the boxes, and my mom bought some of the boxes and magazine files for me.


First up, the stuff in the photo above:

//Kraft boxes on the top left shelf: Birchbox! I save them and use washi tape to label them.
//Shelves with gold brackets: IKEA. The shelves were $5/each and the brackets $.50/each. Can of gold spray paint used on the brackets and the hanging bar system was $5.
//Kraft hanging file box: Target. My mom bought this for me, I think it was around $10.


Hanging system from IKEA was $3 for each bar, and $.99 for each little bucket! Again, used gold spray paint to turn it from brushed silver to add a bit of glam. IMG_5956WEB

Hanging basket from IKEA. I believe this was $3. Spray painted gold! And no, I don’t have a washi tape addiction, why do you ask?

Black box to hold my shipping supplies was from Target, $5. The white and black boxes I saved from the designer collection at Target from Christmas 2012. They held Altuzzara gold drinking glasses and Rag and Bone shot glasses. Using washi tape again as a label.
IMG_5960WEBBlack magazine files from Target, $4 each. My mom bought me two and I bought a third. All the artwork taped up is either mine, photos, or inspiration…this little bit of my wall changes constantly!


This little space is turning out so me, light and bright, really organized, with a bit of glam to combat all the boyishness around me. Plus, I find I actually go in there to work, wrap orders, paint, etc! The grand total of all the things we bought for it was $57 between my mom and I. (Thanks so much mum!!) I love how it turned out!

What are some of your essentials for a perfect creative space? Mine are definitely lots of light, organization, and inspiration. Coffee and chocolate don’t hurt either. ;)

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  1. I LOVE that idea to spray paint gold. Thank you for listing all your sources. We are moving in 6 weeks and I can’t wait to make a studio my own. In the meantime, we moved my office into our kitchen so I can have lots of pretty light….getting waaaay too depressed in our dark office lately. :) :) :)

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