I am already a bit behind, but I wanted to join on in this project this year. A portrait of each of my children, each week of the year. I have followed Bleubird for a long time, and have seen her gorgeous portraits of her children, and this year Mary Beth is joining in too! So here’s to a tiny bit of commitment for the year, and hoping I can stick with it!





Derik // They’re both very into the Disney Infinity game right now. We haven’t let them play loads of video games before and this is their first game. Derik is a very active player, and adds his own sound effects and jumps up and down while playing.

Jackson // Stickers and drawing “his prints” are his thing right now. I love how they try to copy everything we do. :)



I’m going to try and post these every Monday from here on out! 

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  1. Yay!!!! I just recently discovered Bleubird and I am obsessed. I have been going back and reading through her archives on homeschooling and her interior decorating. She’s such an inspiration to me. Glad you are joining in on the project!!!!

    1. Lovelovelove her blog!! I also love her son’s name, Sailor…I tried really hard to convince him that our next son needs to be named that but it’s not working. :P I don’t give up easily though, so… ;)

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