Almost every year the past few years I’ve done photos for Matt and Julie and their growing family! You can see the past photos here (pre-baby), here (maternity) and here (with little Miss Kaylynn). Soon, little Matthew will be joining their family and we are all so excited to meet him! I couldn’t wait to edit and blog these because I knew there were some really adorable ones here…pardon the insanely long post, but even paring down to this many was still hard. Oh, and Matt basically married a model, and he’s going have to work hard to keep the boys away when Kaylynn gets older. ;)


IMG_5662IMG_5636IMG_5631 IMG_5633 IMG_5628 IMG_5622 IMG_5603 IMG_5587 IMG_5572IMG_5704 IMG_5731IMG_5756IMG_5757IMG_5764IMG_5766IMG_5834IMG_5856IMG_5861IMG_5866IMG_5884

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