Just popping in to say hi. And to show you the state of my table and all the things I’m working on. And to tell y’all that my shop has a coupon code up right now that will get you 10% off the whole shop through the rest of the year…it’s MERRY. But if you’re in the US and want it before Christmas, order by the 15th to guarantee it gets there on time. Oh and also, I finally got the clips for the calendar I’ve been working on, and it will go up in just a few minutes. And I think that’s all. And y’all are awesome with being so patient with me, sticking around for all this time when my posting is so erratic. But that will change soon…we’re getting internet this month.


And this has been the most rambly, grammatically incorrect ever from me. I’m blaming it on the coffee.



P.S. just put the calendar online!

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