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Film is one of those things that to me is a small but absolutely exquisite thing. Polaroids, even more so. My boys beg to see them the minute I snap them, and three minutes to wait is an absolute lifetime when you are five and six.

These Polaroids are from our trip to Carlsbad in October…some taken in the early hours of the morning, because I always wake up at decent hours on vacation. Luke teased me while I took most of these, because you know, Polaroids are old and the camera I use to take them is giant. He’s not wrong, and I don’t care.

I don’t have many words to accompany these pictures, because I feel like even more than the quickness of digital, film holds every bit of a moment…you remember where you took each snap you hold in your hands. These Polaroids even have a bit of sand on them. They’re not perfect, because it takes more to perfect film and I don’t know every in and out of my instant camera yet. But they are perfect to me.

And doesn’t that “Great-ness” sweatshirt fit Derik’s personality just right?!

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