Thought I’d give y’all a peek into my sketchbook! I’ve been brainstorming designs like crazy, and most of my sketchbook is filled with type, rather than drawings. I collect quotes, it’s a habit I’ve had since I was a kid, and keep them in notebooks all over my house (which I also collect, and they’re all over my house too). I’ve never been too picky about what I draw in, but I recently got my first Moleskine sketchbook, and I am now hooked. It’s soft and flexible and the paper is gorgeous and perfectly smooth. Never going back, I tell you!


My design process isn’t what anyone would call fancy. I sketch in pencil, sometimes two or three versions of it, and then ink with my Micron pens. Those are a necessity, handed down from my mom. Sometimes I draw single words, sometimes phrases, and sometimes whole quotes. Some of these doodles make it in to my Etsy shop, and some of them stay hidden away in my sketchbook. Till now at least! ;)


What would y’all like to see in regards to my design process? I’m hoping to share more about it and what I use, inspiration, etc, and more about my shop. So let me know what you would like to see, and I’ll do my best to bring it here to the blog! 

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