I think there’s a fine line with men’s style…too stylish with every little detail too perfect and a dude risks the “I care too much about my appearance” label…not very attractive in a man to me. Too little care and style and a guy just looks sloppy. I like simple and classic men’s style, and my husband does too! He lets me pick out a lot of his pieces but throws in a good amount of superhero shirts and sports logos too. ;) This list isn’t all clothing. To me, style extends way beyond the clothes and into life too. So here are some of my favorite dude pieces…after all, Christmas is coming!




1// All-Son Military Jacket ($89) – Luke has this jacket…can we say Hot Husband Alert? ;) It’s classic, warm, and timeless, with a touch of military.

2// iPad Stand ($26) – Luke and I both want iPads and since guys are so into technology (how many of you lose your husbands at the video game section of Target?!) I wanted to include this gorgeous wooden stand.

3// Cold Rocks ($19.79) – My hubby hates it when his drinks get watered down from ice melting, even if it’s just his Coke. You can chill these rocks and they’ll keep his drink cold without watering it down! Plus, they just look cool.

4// Men’s Estes Boot ($49.99) – Target is always so spot on. They have a great selection of men’s shoes right now, and I had a hard time deciding between sharing this boot or a leather sneaker. In the end, I went with the one that my husband would be most likely to wear and that can be dressed up or down.

5// Forage Haberdashery Denim Tie ($79) – One day, I will get Luke one of these gorgeous handcrafted ties. This one is sadly already sold out but they will hopefully get more in…if not, there are so many gorgeous ties!

6// Cigar Box Shaving Kit ($22.50) – I think shaving is a bit of a lost art, but this awesome kit brings it back. You can pick from a bunch of different cigar boxes in this shop…every one is unique!

7// Latitude and Longitude Tie Clip ($20) – I love that you could put a “secret message” of sorts on this tie clip! Personally I’d pick where Luke proposed to me.



Originally shared over on Annapolis & Company!

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