Fall is my absolute favorite season. I live in Southern California, and she often forgets that fall is a season, but so far this year we’ve had glorious weather…crisp breezy days and chilly nights. I’ve even gotten to wear long sleeves a few times (but with shorts…we can’t go overboard here).

With the cool weather and the start of October I’ve been dreaming of a fall picnic…crunchy leaves, soup in a thermos and a good book. I’ve put together a few things to go towards making a perfect afternoon outdoors.




1// Weather Boots ($140) – These are a bit on the pricey side, but I’m quite partial to them. Perfect from fall to winter, when the weather gets fierce. And I think they’d be quite cute with a sweater dress and leggings.

2// IKEA Kitchen Towel ($.79/ea) – These towels are my ultimate kitchen staple. They can double as napkins and photo props, and the old ones turn into cleaning rags. Take some along on your picnic for cleaning up spills and as covers to keep the bugs away.

3// Stanley Vacuum Thermos ($36) – Classic to hold coffee or some Campbell’s tomato soup. Everything tastes better from a thermos.

4// Vintage Picnic Basket (Price varies on Etsy) – I searched high and low for a modern picnic basket, but kept coming back to Etsy and the amazing vintage selection. You can find everything from wicker to wide-woven, 50s kitch to complete sets. I’m a fan of the lidded baskets with leather touches. This one was $17.99!

5// Kinfolk Magazine Vol. 9 ($18) – This is my Favorite. Magazine. Of. All. Time. I don’t have all the issues (or this one yet!) but I’m slowly collecting them! And you need a bit of reading material to take with you! This issue is all about weekends and relaxation…sounds just right to me!

6// Chunky Cable Pullover ($88) – Oh, Anthropologie. They show up in just about every Listy List of mine, but they’re just that good. This is the perfect chunky sweater to go with skinny jeans or leggings and those boots up there. And maybe a plaid scarf.




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