My sister-in-law Julie wrote this a while back on Facebook, and it is too good to not share with y’all. Enjoy. :) 


Recently, it dawned on me that at some point in the last two years or so, I had gone from feeling like a “fairly interesting twenty something year old” to a “boring mom”. After traveling internationally in high school, competing in forensics, going to school, working in sales, etc., my world has pretty much shrunk to four walls and a twenty pound ball of energy. This was a realization that I rather struggled with, so I started thinking about this whole thing we call “motherhood”. As I worked through this I began to realize how much we as women are being lied to by the world around us. I’m a fairly well rounded person. I’ve worked a couple jobs, gone to college, traveled, etc., and there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty. Motherhood is the single most challenging thing I’ve ever attempted. Like, not even in the same ball park, no comparison, difference between Little League and the World Series challenging. I realized that part of the reason that motherhood often feels “narrow” is that it is an all-encompassing calling. This process of raising a miniature human up to a mature, competent, reasonably hygienic, faithful adult takes every ounce of creativity and intelligence I’ve been gifted with (and I honor my friends who are doing this times two, three, four, or more). Recognizing this, I also realized that we’re lying to our girls. Our culture’s young women are told that they need to find a calling that is worthy of their skill, worthy of their intelligence, that being a wife and mother is not challenging enough or big enough to satisfy a powerful, competent woman. I can tell you, this is false! This job will demand more of you than you thought possible; it’s harder than you could imagine. We tell our girls to change the world, to be missionaries and musicians, lawyers and politicians, doctors and teachers, to do something big and important. What we forget to tell them is that motherhood is a mission field. That they’ll never have a greater impact on any unconverted heathens than they will on the heathens that are their children. That if you win hearts, the laws will follow. The front line for changing the world, it’s in our homes. It’s the hero mothers who die daily to self, who faithfully every day change the diapers, cook the meals, read the stories, sing the songs, and model Christian humility and love. We are the world changers, the earth shakers. But this job isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re pretty happy with the impact you’re having the world, if you feel like you’re making good progress in your Christian walk, that your growth is something to be proud of, don’t have a child! But. If you want to be amazed at the things that God can do in you and through you, if you want to be stretched beyond what you could have guessed, if you want to be taken apart and put back together again as something new and better, then be a mother. Pour your heart and soul into the nurture of another soul. Let a tiny infant break you open with love. Don’t ever accept the lie that the work you do is insignificant, that your gifts would be better used somewhere else. Choose the faithful drudgery, choose to be “boring” and then, be amazed at what He does.




Sweet Girls

I’m a homemaking firefighter wife with an almost two year old daughter and baby #2 due to make an appearance in March. In my “spare time” you can find me designing clothes for Baby Girl that also make an appearance in my Etsy shop. I love to read cookbooks, try to avoid novels because they usually seem to result in ignoring my poor husband while he’s talking to me, am known for my epic triple layer birthday cakes, and I’m always up for a good debate.

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