I lovelovelove fall. The crisp weather, getting darker earlier, hot coffee, and pumpkin-flavored everything. Plus, October is my birthday month, so that makes it more awesome. And my favorite clothing involves boots and sweaters and layers, and when it’s finally cold enough to wear them, I’m a happy camper. (Although SoCal has taken her typical turn for the hot with a few days of 90-degree weather.) Annnnnyways, here’s a comfortable and cozy outfit I love for fall…one that will probably wind up becoming my fall and winter uniform of sorts.



1// American Eagle Jacket ($69) – I am in love with this style of jacket, a bit military, and of course, the olive green. Ask my mom, it’s my signature color. This jacket went straight onto my “must save for” list.

2// Merona Fold-Over Satchel ($34.99) – Big bags are a must when you’re a mom. My bag (currently a mustard yellow backpack) is full of snacks, my wallet, receipts (they multiply like bunnies I tell ya!), my kids’ wallets, cozies for hot lattes, an extra pair of earrings, lotion, about four colors of lipstick, Moleskine small notebooks for ideas, an assortment of pens and pencils, and baby wipes (lifesavers, even when you don’t have babies anymore). So yeah, big, big bags.

3// Dark Side of the Moon Necklace ($56) – Another thing that went straight on the list of must-haves. I have an obsession with jewelry that has to do with either the moon or elephants (random fact about me for the day!) and this is to die for. A simple, gorgeous statement piece that is still delicate.

4// Anthropologie Tee ($58) – I don’t usually spend this much for a tee, but this one looks worth it. Perfectly slouchy and soft, with enough detail to set it apart.

5// Forever21 Basic Leggings ($3.80) – Yes, you read that price right. I have a few pairs of these and they get the job done. Go buy one in every color!

6// Anthropologie Holstein Boots ($285) – While I have never spent more than $70 on a pair of shoes in my life before (and that particular pair was from Luke), I’m currently saving for a classic pair of tall leather boots that will last me a lifetime. Most likely I will wind up with a pair of Frye boots, but these are stunning, and have that timeless look I’m going for. Boot recommendations for me, anyone?

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