We’ve just started school around here…in fact, the deadline to file for homeschool was just a few days ago and this is our first official year! The thrill of the books coming in the mail is just as awesome now as it was when I was in school! (Give it a few months…) And even though they don’t “go” to school everyday, it’s still the natural time of year to get some new things…books, clothes, and supplies. Here are some things I found that I adore!




1// Eco Stainless Lunchbox – $25 – While we are homeschooling, my kids still love it when I pack them up a lunch. This lunchbox is the coolest.

2// Dotty Pencil Case – $15 – This is the cutest case ever, and perfect for either boys or girls! (Or their mom.)

3// H&M Boys Lightweight Jacket – $12.95 – H&M now has an online store! (Finally!!) Love this jacket for my boys and it’s such a reasonable price!

4// I Love Math Pencil Set – $4 for 3 – Well, if you know me, I am terrible at math, but at least these pencils are cute! And maybe their slogan will rub off on my boys.

5// H&M Girls Striped Jacket – $24.95 – So adorable, and if I had a girl I’d be buying it right now.

6// How To Be An Explorer of the World – $11.42 – I love Keri Smith’s books, and this is one I’ll be buying for my boys once they can read. I might just buy myself a copy too.

7// Plaid Canvas Backpack – $40 – Again, we homeschool, but my boys still adore backpacks. So do I, actually, and this is one that they would love as much as I do.




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