Coffee is one of the best things on the entire face of the planet. Seriously. I don’t know what I’d do without it. People will talk about kicking their coffee addictions and I’m all “WHY?!” I’m a coffee in the afternoon or evening kind of girl, when I can take my time to prepare it and take my time to savor the smell and taste while I drink it, usually with a magazine I’ve been saving. I don’t drink it everyday, though I wish I could drink it in the mornings (it tends to upset my stomach first thing). Lattes are my favorite but I love trying other drinks when I go to coffee shops…I’m on the lookout to try a cortado, and double cappuccinos are another favorite. And one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten is my espresso maker!

There are other small machines or pots that make espresso, and any of those would work just fine for making this latte. You also don’t need a ton of equipment. Espresso machines come with an attached milk frother, but you can also buy those separately. A small cup or shot glass for measuring the espresso, a few spoons and your coffee and you’re all set! As you start getting into making coffee, you can collect more…we have a thing for syrups. I frequently switch up the coffee we buy, trying different brands to find our favorites. I keep milk and almond milk on hand, and apart from the syrups, some mix-ins like the ones this latte uses: salted caramel and mocha powder.




This isn’t so much a formal recipe, but I hope y’all enjoy! Grab your favorite mug (mine is an Alice in Wonderland mug from Disneyland) and whip one up!















MOCHA POWDER // Mix equal parts sugar and cocoa powder. I keep a jar on hand at all times, because you can make hot cocoa with it! To make mocha syrup enough for a large latte (think Starbucks Grande size), mix a heaping tablespoon with enough water to make it into a syrup.


SALTED CARAMEL // This recipe comes from the place where all good things come from, Pinterest. ;) My sister Julie found it before me and shared it with me. Bonus, make these carmelitas with it too. You’re welcome.


THE COFFEE // I use a double shot of espresso, a heaping tablespoon of mocha powder made into syrup, about a half cup of frothed almond milk, and a heaping teaspoon of salted caramel drizzled over top. Also, I like to sprinkle a bit of sea salt over the top! Enjoy!



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