I’ve been thinking lately about how we as parents shape so much of our children’s lives. How our actions shape what they learn and do. How me never making my bed teaches them it’s okay not to make theirs – and that they can justifiably ask “why” when I tell them to – after all, my bed isn’t made. How my sign of discontent over cleaning the never-clean-all-at-the-same-time kitchen is the reaction they will give when I ask them to clean their never-clean-all-at-the-same-time room.

It’s not just about the chores. It’s about the character I’m teaching them. I have a tremendous opportunity here! One I absolutely should take advantage of!

An opportunity to teach them about giving, not expecting anything in return. (The never-clean-all-at-the-same-time kitchen comes to mind.) To teach them work can be hard but that it can be done, finished, and done joyfully. To teach them perseverance, dedication, unselfishness, how to be a blessing to others. To lead by example.

Those things don’t just apply to the housework and schoolwork we do. Those things translate into the not-so-seen realm – their faith. To persevere even when times get tough. To have joy even when all looks dark. To give to others when you know you’ll get nothing back in return. To be dedicated to reading and loving God’s Word.


I’ve got two little men to raise, and they’re matching me to figure out what life is all about. The question is, will I show them? With God’s grace and mercy, I will do my very best.

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