As many of you know, I’ve been doing a detox for the last 10 days. Today is Day 10 and I can say I’ve successfully made it through…but that sounds like it was painful when in reality it was anything but!!! I wanted to share my thoughts for how it went, how I’ll continue, and ideas and encouragement for any of y’all that would like to try it out for yourself! And warning…it’s a long post!





First up, here’s the plan I’ve been following. You should be able to enter your email address and get all the recipes. [ETA: I believe they makes this available a couple times a year. While this time has ended, enter your email anyway and you’ll get the recipes next time around!] Second, I wasn’t able to follow the plan 100%. I think if you had lots of the healthy foods stocked up already, or a huge bulk pantry, or unlimited funds, it wouldn’t be too hard. ;) But as I was basically starting from scratch, I bought what I could afford and took it from there. That meant a couple repeat smoothies, and though I bought enough food to have all the meals plus all the snacks, there was also no way I could eat that much food!

Each day has five meals, which ended up being way more food than I’m used to eating. (Also, each recipe makes enough for two people, so take that in mind when shopping.) A lot of mornings I skipped the snack but usually had the afternoon snack. It’s vegan, so no meat, no dairy, no animal products at all. It’s also gluten-free. I was most interested to see how I’d do off the gluten again, because I was gluten-free from the time I was 13 till I was 19. I’ll talk more about that in a bit.

The recipes are downright fantastic. No bland, boring food here, and no straight juice for 10 days (although I wouldn’t mind that, because I love my juicer!). My two favorites have been the Guacamole Lettuce Boats and the Green Goddess Salad. Although tonight I’m having gluten-free pasta with homemade pesto. There have been a few misses, and a few I skipped in lieu of eating leftovers for ease. My least favorite was probably the Fruit Porridge (blended fruit and dates), and I skipped the “sushi” because I want my first experience with it to be a good one. ;) The recipes definitely gave me lots of ideas about what to eat in the future though!





One of the best things I took away from this was now I know how to adjust things I already cook or to take new recipes and make it fit this plan. I’ve decided to eat this way about 95% of the time, with some exceptions here and there. I won’t be vegetarian, that I can tell you…I’m craving some chicken right about now. ;) But I keep my meat intake to a minimum anyway, so it won’t be a huge change.

Overall, I’ve lost 7 pounds in 10 days. That is amazing! While I don’t expect this rapid amount of weight loss to continue, it’s a good kickstart to my diet and exercise. I haven’t exercised a ton over the last 10 days, so I’d say that’s purely the food. I can’t wait to see what happens as I ramp up the exercise!

One of the top reasons I did this was to kick by horrible sugar addiction. I couldn’t go a day without a dessert, and I’d pick sugar over anything else any day. But I can gladly say I think I’ve broken or at least contained it! And when the detox includes things like Brownie Balls or Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies? It makes it that much easier.

Now on to what I consider the best part of trying this out. Yes, even over the weight loss. As I said earlier, I was gluten-free from the time I was 13 till I was 19. When I was pregnant with Jackson, I discovered I could eat wheat again without huge migraines, which was exciting! I don’t have celiac, so I can eat it without dying or anything, but I have noticed over the last year that I have to limit wheat to whole wheat only and no more than once a day or the headaches come back. But what I wasn’t aware of was how much stomach felt all of the time. The top of my stomach was always tender and bloated-feeling. Well no more! Two days in I couldn’t believe the change in the way I felt! Like I said, I’ll still be okay with splurging every now and again…pizza sounds pretty amazing right now! But I think for now I plan to stay off wheat as much as possible. I don’t want to go back to the point of replacing it with all the gluten-free products out there…it’s too much work and too expensive. That’s the beauty of doing this plan and seeing it in action…the Guacamole Lettuce Boats were so good I didn’t even miss the bread! And you can always use tortilla chips or quinoa or rice.

1185524_10151538722862554_2016126819_nTHE FUTURE //

So where am I going from here? I definitely don’t want to undo everything I’ve accomplished in the last 10 days! So here’s my plan:


  •  No wheat as much as possible. I’m okay with the occasional pizza or Panera splurge. Or brownies. ;)
  • Limit the dairy to yogurt or the occasional bowl of ice cream.
  • Lots and lots of fruits and veggies. Stick with juicing or smoothies or oatmeal for breakfast, huge salads for lunch or things like taco salad. Stay meat-free before dinner.
  • Limit the meat (which I already do).
  • Stick with only fresh foods…nothing processed unless I’m going out to dinner or something. Even then, make the best decision possible, but splurging is totally okay once in a while!
  • And the hardest for me…limit the sugar! That means no frappuccinos for now (sad face), and very few desserts unless they’re fruit based. I can make things like the Brownie Balls all I want as long as I’m keeping it under control. Stick with iced coffee or homemade lattes.


I think it will be easy to incorporate recipes I already make (like a salad that has peaches, onion, chicken and avocado, or quinoa tabbouleh, or taco salad made with ground turkey, or fajitas with just the vegetables). I think the hardest part for me is changing what I eat for breakfast and lunch, because that’s when I tend to want it to be fast or easy. But I’ve learned the last 10 days that it doesn’t take that much more work than what I already do.



I couldn’t very well taunt you with something like “Brownie Balls” and then not share, right? These seriously did taste like brownies! I’ll also try to share recipes soon that fit right in with this plan, because I’m going to keep going! Recipe from Whitney Paige of Grounded Nutrition!


1/2 c. raw walnuts or seed mix (I used pecans because it was what I had)
3/4 c. pitted medjool dates, packed
1/4 c. unsweetened cocoa powder
2 T. raw almond or cashew butter


Pulse the nuts in a food processor until they are broken down into a powder. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until a dough ball forms. Roll into balls and chill until ready to eat.



Oh, and at last count? 20 bananas in the last 10 days. Be proud, mom! ;)



Let me know if y’all have any questions! I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ll do my best to answer them! 

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  1. Finally getting a chance to sit down and read this thoroughly…just wanted to say I’m so proud of you! I always think about doing a “cleanse” like this and go gluten-free, but I’m a scaredy cat I guess. Scared I will be SO hungry. :) I have loved your encouragement over the past few weeks…I got really into sugar and would always stop and get Starbucks drinks or cookies from my favorite bakery. And while I love having the freedom to get treats with the kids, I was getting to a point where I couldn’t say “no” if I felt the urge to stop. And I hated that feeling! In the past week I think I’ve successfully stopped myself 3 times when I was about to pick up something sweet. may seem like not a big deal, but I was so excited I had found the willpower to say no. We’re also working on our budget and trying to live more frugal so we can finish off our dang debt and save for next year. All that to say, you’ve inspired me! And I want a juicer for Christmas. :)

    1. Well I certainly wasn’t hungry!! I’m definitely a sugar addict, and this has allowed me to counteract it at least a little…I’m still making myself homemade lattes, and allowing myself some chocolate here and there, but the recipes like the Brownie Balls and making chocolate banana “ice cream” has really helped. And yes to the juicer! I love mine!

      P.S. Banana “Ice Cream”… 4 frozen bananas, 1/3 c. cocoa, a splash of vanilla, a heaping tablespoon scoop of peanut butter, and enough unsweetened almond milk to get it going. Blend, and enjoy. It makes three servings…I eat one and freeze the other two.

  2. so proud of you my girl!! i was vegan for this past year. let me know if you ever want tips!! gluten free the last 6 months, i know the challenges. i think my biggest learning experience has been not calling myself a “title”. now i have meat once or twice a week and eggs every now and then. just learning to be healthy no matter what title we are. xoxo!

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