Not a long, drawn out post from me today, nor a particularly planned one, but I’m okay with that. And I hope y’all are too. :) I want to get better about posting, but not because I have to, but because I want to. I find that the more something is like a job, the more I don’t want to add another job to my ever-growing list, amiright? And this little place was and is never supposed to be like a job. It’s where I can come and just “talk,” write, rather, to y’all and let you know how I’m doing, what I’m loving, and throw ideas around.


So a few things coming at y’all soon…a couple of new recipes, because I’m on a foodie/health kick. I started off my week with a detox program that has me eating way more food than I usually do, and guess what? it’s all amazingly delicious. I had cinnamon apple oatmeal for breakfast, a cherry smoothie for a snack, guacamole boats loaded with veggies for lunch, and I’m having veggie chili for dinner. And that’s even skipping the “brownie” balls for an afternoon snack, because I forgot to buy dates! So far, it’s awesome, and I can definitely see a lot of the food I’m eating becoming a more regular part of my diet. The recipes I’ll be sharing are fantastic salads we’ve been having…fresh, light and so healthy!


I also want to share with y’all some of my design work lately and the work that goes into it! And last but not least, I’ve been purposefully bringing my camera out more and more (despite my poor busted up favorite 50mm lens…as long as I don’t lean down, we’re good!). I’m rediscovering why I love the shutter click and the viewfinder framing. Sometimes you just burn out, you know? And then there’s the whole balance thing. You want to be “there,” not stuck behind a camera the whole time. That part’s a struggle for me, because I tend to go either way. But I think I’m getting there. :)



We spent our weekend (“Labor Day” weekend for us, Luke worked Labor Day but took the whole following weekend off!!) mostly relaxing…Luke got a new game and I got a new album (Florida Georgia Line, y’all, loving it!). We off on Friday, just the two of us, down the hill to Krispy Kreme, had peanut butter frappaccinos (me) and black coffee (him). Walked around the mall and he bought me a pretty blue-green nail polish. Grocery shopping and Panera date for night time. The best kind of days. :) Saturday, we picked up (okay, the boys picked up!) our new-to-us fridge and I cleaned it out while the boys went back and helped fix the friend’s car that had broken down. We discovered that we will need to take down a cabinet to make the fridge fit. I’m totally okay with that. Luke maybe not so much lol. We spent the rest of the weekend between church and Luke’s family’s house, watching a ton of football and curled up together on the couch…the best kind of weekend. :)

Now we’re moving in to the start of our school year…yikes! We’re getting closer to having a six year old…yikes! And we’re getting closer to my favorite time of year…fall…and closer to going back to my favorite place on earth…the beach! Lots of exciting things coming up, and I just want to live it all and take it all in! <3

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