(cuuuuuuute baby toes! they belong to the darling little girl I babysit!)

Sorry for all the lack of posts lately. It’s been crazy busy, but actually in the best way possible. We had a surprise visit from Matt & Julie and my adorable niece Kaylynn (I have a photo diary post coming soon!), I have several logos on my plate, commissions, giveaways, recipes I desperately want to share with y’all, and the normal day to day of cleaning and kids and babysitting (those are her cute little baby toes up there).


And in the midst of all this busyness, I forget to post, a lot. And then when I remember, I think “oh, I’m supposed to write about a, b, or c today, so I can’t post that.”


So I’ve decided that while the structure is good, and I’ll be keeping it for the most part, to let it go. To post what’s on my heart, when it’s on my heart. And to still give y’all my Listy Lists and Little Happy Things, Photo Diaries and Recipes. And to still be as consistent as possible, because I love this space I’ve created. But to allow myself to be more spontaneous, and to give myself a break when spending time with my adorable niece and my adorable children is more important. :)


So stay with me here, hopefully the new structure + spontaneity will actually get y’all more posts. :)

And check back Tuesday, because I have a spectacular giveaway for y’all!

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  1. I’m really glad you have photos of Kaylynn coming because I got all of like….two on my good camera.

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